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5 Easy Fixes to Save Money

April 08, 2021
5 Easy Fixes to Save Money

If you use compressed air at your company, then it’s likely the largest part of your electricity bill. Also, if you’re like most companies, you could make small improvements to reduce this bill by 15% or more.

Here are some easy fixes that would save you money:

1.  Fix The Leak

I’m sure you if you have the air conditioner on, you make sure everybody closes the windows and doors. The same principle applies to your compressed air system. If you have leaks, you’re just “leaving the doors and windows open.” Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in electricity are literally leaking out of your system. Not only that, it makes your compressor run more, which increases your maintenance costs and wear & tear on the compressor. You would never accept this with your A/C system, so why do companies accept this with their compressed air system?

2.  Lower The Pressure

Every time you lower your system pressure by 2 psi, you save approximately 1% on your electrical cost. Additionally, if you have leaks, less air is lost at lower pressures. Why not lower your system pressure to just above what you use? If you have proper tank storage (4-5 gallons of storage per CFM of compressor) and air system with a low pressure drop, then you should make this change immediately. If you don’t have proper storage, get it. A big tank is big bank – it saves you money in so many different ways.

3.  Pressure Drop

Pressure drop is the difference in psi coming out of the compressor from the pressure at the end of the line where you use the air. This is often caused by pipe being too small, in-line filter elements not being changed, or too many twists and turns in the piping. Changing the filter elements is an easy fix, but the others may take a little more time or money. However, the return on investment should make it worth the effort. If you are unsure about taking this step, call or email us. We can figure out your return on investment.

4.  Maintenance

You should be doing this anyway. Changing the filters and oil on your compressor(s) lets them run more efficiently. Changing the elements in in-line filters reduces pressure drop. Cleaning the coils on the condenser in a dryer makes it run more efficiently; cleaning the coils on the compressor cooler lets the compressor run more efficiently and keeps it from overheating. Make sure you have a proper preventative maintenance program in place is essential. You may want to consider a professional compressor company to put you on a maintenance program.

5.  Reduce the size of your blow down/blow offs

A lot of personnel use compressed air to clean equipment or themselves. They just take a hose and blow the dust off of them or the equipment. If they’re using an open hose, then you’re losing a considerable amount of money every time. This is just a leak, so reducing the pressure and the size of the leak saves you a lot of money. Attach a regulator and a blow gun to that hose. A cost between $20-$50 will save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Use the smallest orifice you can with the least amount of pressure you need to get the job done.

There are many other ways to reduce your electricity bill and compressor maintenance by optimizing your compressed air system. Contact Us

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