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Aerospace Manufacturer

Aerospace Manufacturer

This high-level manufacturer is a successful and growing technology-driven aerospace, industrial, defense, and electronics company. For more than 60 years, they have thrived by providing customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services, and their aerospace subsidiary is no different.

Given the critical role of the air compressor system in the client's operations, it was clear that they would need to prioritize a modern, high-performing solution to avoid production disruption.

Their existing compressor system was severely outdated and backup compressors could not keep up if the lead compressors went down. In addition to the lack of proper redundancy, the neighboring residents consistently complained about the noisy rotary screw compressors.

Air Compressor Works’s sales team was persistent and diligent in sharing the benefits of moving to a new compressor system. Our team lead the design and implementation of a turnkey installation, while keeping in mind the client’s need for a seamless transition. All in all, the client was excited to partner up on this project.

What Issues Did the Client Need Resolved?

  • A reliable backup system –  If primary units go down for any period of time, a solid backup system needs to be in place to carry the load reliably.
  • Lower energy costs – Compressors have evolved heavily over the years and have been designed to be far more energy efficient. This, in turn, allows for lower energy consumption and repair costs.
  • Noise pollution – The system was loud enough that residential neighbors were constantly complaining about its noise.
  • Ability to stay up and running during installation – This would require exceptional planning and communication with several teams.
  • Readily available support and service 24/7 – When your system has problems, you need a reliable go-to company to get you back on track.
Old, outdated system

The client was looking to get multiple bids for an improvement project on the airline system. During ACW’s site visit, the issues within the system revealed themselves instantly. We discussed the benefits of doing an air audit, which would show day-to-day air usage, determine leaks to minimize the quantity of air compressors running at once, and show the ROI. The results of the audit would allow the client to develop a CapEx improvement budget on the old, outdated air compressor system and alleviate the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly costs and struggles, year after year.  

While ACW proposed a multi-unit fixed speed compressor system, other companies opted for VFD compressors to support energy savings. ACW demonstrated that our approach would allow for less HP per unit and could offer energy cost savings, reliability, and redundancy for the bigger picture.

Installed Equipment

  • 3 Kaeser CSD-75 Compressors
  • 2 Kaeser Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Kaeser Filtration
  • Kaeser SIGMA Air Manager

Project Accomplishments and Wins

"With the ability to run on one 75hp unit the majority of the time, the system is significantly quieter and we don’t get any more complaints from neighboring residents."

Increased Reliability
Reliability was increased with the implementation of a 3-unit system working with a lead, lag, and full back-up unit. Now, if the primary compressor goes out, there’s plenty of pickup to ensure a seamless temporary transition.  

Significant Energy Reductions (and Cost Savings)
We successfully reduced hp usage from 150hp to 75hp – that’s a 50% reduction! These energy savings are equal to a cost savings of approximately $22-26k per year based on 4,000 hours of run time @ 11¢ per kWh. This is FREE money added to the client’s bottom line.

Readily Available and High-Quality Service
Before, the client was struggling with finding quality service providers and repair costs were increasing yearly due to the oversized and older air compressors. Their project manager shared that “I was told the master controller failed years ago and it has not worked since the day it was installed. I need a company that will be responsive and provide support when I call.” With Air Compressor Works’s Preventative Maintenance and Service programs, the client has access to readily available service needs when things go awry.

Significantly Quieter System
With modern technologies, the 3-unit system now operates around 72dB, a level similar to that of a vacuum cleaner you would use at home. With the ability to run on one 75hp unit the majority of the time, the client shared that “the system is significantly quieter, and we don’t get any more complaints from neighboring residents.”

Absolutely No Down Time
Air Compressor Works ensured production never stopped. With well-coordinated planning and communication with the client's maintenance and electrical teams, our client stayed up and running the entire time.  

Old, outdated system

Overall, a Successful Partnership

Due to COVID-19 restraints, the project took 1-2 years from start to finish. Nonetheless, we had multiple site visits and collaborated hand in hand with our client to ensure the design and layout was going to work for both parties and fit in the provided space.

The aerospace manufacturer is pleased that the compressors are easy to use, the master controller does more than expected, and is overall happy with the purchase and installation work performed.

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