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The Perfect “Employee”

December 04, 2019
the perfect employee

How great would it be to have an “employee” whose only job is to make sure your business isn’t wasting energy dollars running a compressed air system and also to let you know when maintenance is needed?

Air Compressor Works, together with Kaeser Compressors, offers equipment with Sigma 2 controls that allow two compressors to work in tandem. A Kaeser SAM controller can optimize and monitor the operation of up to 16 machines to ensure the most efficient combination is being used. Either of these systems can save thousands of dollars per month and each unit can save thousands per year.

Integral Sigma 2 Controller

If you are considering new units for your compressor system and want them to be the most efficient possible, each Kaeser Sigma 2 controller is simply linked with a crossover wire. The units will then talk to each other and determine optimal efficiency for the load conditions. Additionally,  it can be set up for different events during each shift. This interface option is included with each Kaeser compressor with a Sigma 2 controller–the perfect “employee”.

Key Features:

  • The modular design includes a control unit, input/output modules, network components, and web server
  • “Traffic-light” LEDs for at-a-glance operational status
  • Plain text display
  • Fully automated monitoring and control
  • Base-load sequencing function when operating two compressors
  • Web-connected with operational data remote display

SAM Multiple Unit Controller:
The SAM panel is a senior-level “employee” for your compressor system. The SAM can control almost any compressor, up to 15 years old. Its job is to choose the lowest connected HP/KW required for the operation of your air system, at any given time, to maintain plant air pressure.
Example: If a 25 HP compressor is left on but is only 20% loaded while its sister compressor could take care of the load, a plant would be wasting $3870 per year (per 5-day shift at $0.10 per KW). In a round-the-clock operation, this could be as much as $16,254 per year. That’s real money lost!

Key Features:

  • Simple to set up and hard to screw up
  • The goal is to maintain required plant pressure with lowest connected HP/KW
  • Can be set up for shift changes/equipment runtimes/special events
  • Based on history the SAM will start learning system events to select the most efficient compressor combination
  • Maintenance alarms and routine maintenance notices can be sent to email addresses
  • Web-based interface through Kaeser Connect
  • Reporting up to one year on machine operation/power usage/CFM usage to determine if there are plant issues – can automatically email daily or weekly
  • Expandable up to 16 units of all makes and types
  • Standby units not normally used can be set up to be exercised so it is always ready

There are tons more benefits to explore!

Remember, the most efficient way to run the compressor is either 100% loaded or OFF. You need the best, cheapest “employee” to manage this!

If you’re interested in hiring the perfect “employee” for your compressor system, please contact the ACW Sales Team. Email or call (800) 345-4364

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