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Food Natural

Based in South Florida, Food Natural has been growing premium leafy greens since 1870. As the world’s largest grower of distinctive leafy greens, including watercress, arugula, spinach, and ong choy, they leverage over 150 years of experience to deliver superior quality and a consistent supply.

They also pack and ship their premium quality greens to retail, wholesale, food service, and specialty customers across North America, all delivered with world-class customer service. As a leader in the agriculture industry, Food Natural needed Air Compressor Works to collaborate closely and deliver a comprehensive system to meet their demands.

The Challenge: Unreliable System with Frequent Downtime

With frequent service calls and downtime disrupting operations, Food Natural faced significant challenges with their unreliable air system, which was in a dirty, hot environment. The client needed assurance that the system could be revamped without halting production.

Food Natural’s original system, which lacked redundancy and resulted in frequent failures.

ACW prioritized meticulous planning to address these issues, and we offered a comprehensive site visit to ensure the proposed design would meet the client’s needs. Through this meeting, we showcased the layout of all equipment and demonstrated how the new system could run at full capacity even if a compressor or dryer failed, unlike the original setup.

ACW also had to strategize how to navigate the client’s tight space with special consideration for the expansion and implementation of new equipment (see below). This was a collaborative effort through and through, that relied on excellent communication and our engineering expertise.

Food Natural had the following needs:

  • Expansion Capabilities – The client was looking to expand operations but needed a larger system able to meet excess demand, without failures.
  • Fix Air Leaks – Persistent air line issues forced them to cut production by 50% while waiting for repairs.
  • Ability to Backup – The old system’s design flaws meant failures could shut down operations. If one compressor or dryer went down, they completely lost that side of the operation.
  • Improved Reliability – Due to the poor design of the previous system’s piping, it lacked redundancy in compressors and filtration equipment.
  • Zero Downtime – Installation had to be seamless, with no interruptions. Contingency plans would be necessary. Time is money!

Our Solutions

ACW sized all airline piping, which was a powder-coated aluminum with stainless steel and cast metal fittings. The installation included ball valves to isolate equipment and bypass valves to ensure the system could be serviced without losing production time. Proper filtration and draining of condensate were also implemented to follow EPA regulations for discharge of wastewater created by the air system. As a whole, the system included:

  • Kaeser CSD 100S Compressor with Electric Phase Monitor
  • Kaeser Secotec Dryers
  • Kaeser Filtration Packages, providing dry clean air meeting ISO 1.4.1
  • 400-gallon Wet Tank with Kit and Drain
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Piping

Kaeser’s CSD series rotary screw compressors feature an open package layout where all major components are easily accessible. For installations where space is limited, both the front and back doors of the package fully swing out and each door can also be removed. This helps to reduce preventative maintenance time by as much as 50%! Similarly, Kaeser’s Secotec dryers have service points that are accessed by easily removing panels.

Old, outdated air compressor system

Air Compressor Works completely reworked the system layout, providing robust capacity and redundancy.

Project Accomplishments and Wins

“Air Compressor Works are true experts who provided the all-in-one solution we needed for our expansion. They came highly recommended by other farmers in the area.”

Strong planning was paramount in making possible the integration of their existing equipment with ACW’s new upgrades. In addition to the Kaeser Air System, the client also opted for a service contract to ensure excellent system performance and optimal uptime.

New Plumbing Lines

The system was re-plumbed to include new 400-gallon wet and dry tanks, a common header, and two redundant dryers, which improved redundancy and eliminated moisture in the lines. This upgrade significantly reduced costly downtime and repair costs.

Operational Efficiency and Improved Lifespan
The updated technology and streamlined layout allow the facility to run on one 100hp compressor and trim with a 50hp compressor when needed. Alternating the 100hp units reduces maintenance costs and extends equipment life.

Fir for Expansion
The project increased flow capacity and overall system reliability, preparing the client for future expansion.

Revamped Compressor Room
Upgrades such as exhaust ducts for heat removal allowed for equipment to operate at lower ambient temperatures and remove additional head load. This enhancement improves reliability and extends the life expectancy of maintenance components such as oil, filters, bearings, and electrical components.

Old, outdated air compressor system

The partnership between Food Natural and Air Compressor Works led to a successful overhaul of their air system, enhancing reliability, efficiency, and scalability. ACW's strategic planning and execution ensured uninterrupted operations during the upgrade, addressing issues of downtime and inadequate backup capabilities – a true demonstration of ACW’s core value of “Keeping our clients up and running”!

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