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Humidity in your Compressed Air System

February 17, 2020
humidity on glass

As we all know, there is a lot of humidity in our South Florida air.

All of this moisture comes in through the inlet of your air compressor and gets compressed anywhere from 7-10 times. When this compression happens, it rains inside your compressor tank. Carrying water into the piping, and down into your tools and equipment.

There are various ways of “ringing” humidity out of the compressed air after it leaves the rotary screw airend or the piston cylinders.

Let’s take a look at how dry you need the air in your system and the equipment required.

  • 30% Dry/Basic Use – Use a tank with an automatic drain to remove water droplets that have condensed before it goes out into the system. Install automatic drains at the low points in the system to collect water that condenses as it reaches cooler areas.  Equipment needed – Zero Loss Automatic Drains – Kaeser Eco-Drain
  • 50% Dry/General use – Use the components in the system above combined with automatic filters after the tank, prior to entering the air system. This takes out more moisture droplets but no water vapor.  Equipment needed – Coalescing Filter with Automatic Drain Trap – Kaeser Filters
  • 90% Point of Use – Moisture Removal at Critical Points/Equipment. Install a small wall mounted desiccant dryer unit to absorb moisture vapor prior to contaminating sensitive operation.  Equipment needed – Wall Mounted Desiccant Dryer – Arrow Pneumatics Dryer
  • 85% Hand Tools/Production Equipment – System Moisture Removal. Refrigerated Air Dryer, such as Kaeser Secotec with a temperature of 38-40° F will cause 85% of the moisture in droplet and vapor form to condense and be collected and drained to an automatic Zero Loss Automatic Trap.
  • 98% Medical/Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals/Food – Use a full system Desiccant Dryer to take out all but 2% of the moisture with an air dew point of -40° F. Used in plants with piping exposed to freezing temperatures as well as critical operation where water vapor absolutely cannot be tolerated. Equipment needed – Kaeser Filters and Kaeser Dual Tower Desiccant Dryer

Water in your system will affect your product or operation. You can protect your investment with a dewpoint monitor and with alarm. It will let you know when moisture is beginning to accumulate so that you can investigate and repair. The cost is realistically based on the potential loss of equipment or production.

Choose your level of moisture removal and get it done before there are additional costs or production losses incurred. Ask us for a quote on the dewpoint monitor to protect your investment

Let us know how we can help. Call an ACW Sales Engineering at (800) 345-4364 or email us at

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