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Don’t Be the Victim of an Inadequate Piping

October 15, 2019
air compressor piping

Don’t Be the Victim of an Inadequate Piping System

Your piping system may be choking your existing compressor system or compromising your new compressor system.

Don’t Let Your Existing Piping System Compromise Your Investment

Your plant may have issues getting enough volume or pressure to equipment, resulting in production problems as well as shortening the life of your compressor.

Air system piping has evolved, but oftentimes, facilities put little to no time in planning for an increased supply flow to multiple areas in the plant. For example, if you added as many new loads to your electrical system as you have on your air system, you’d likely melt wires or blow breakers.

Check these areas to see if your air system piping is the issue:

– If you have more than a 10 PSI pressure drop between the compressor and the furthest point or the most critical area in your plant. You need to investigate your pipe sizing and configuration.

– Does your compressor cycle load/unload in less than 1 minute? If so, you may need additional tank storage capacity and a redesigned piping system.

– If you have an area that complains of low pressure when a process is started, you may need a remote tank with additional piping to serve this process and protect the entire system.

– Is there rust and scale in your piping that causes equipment operation or hand tool issues? If so, you may need to clean or replace them with copper/coated aluminum piping to eliminate the problem as well as a final filter. Further, the rust and scale reduce the flow through your piping thus reducing air pressure.

– Can you hear obvious hissing sounds or leaks when the plant is not in production? This is a serious issue that needs to be corrected. It’s not uncommon for a steel pipe air system to have at least 15% leakage. Example: 50 HP making 240 CFM = 36 CFM – $2,300 a year.

By changing your piping and reducing pressure by 10 PSI, you will save 5% of total energy. Example: 50 HP 16 hours for 5 days/week- 50 weeks/year at $.10 /kw will save $1,200 per year with a reduction from 125 PSI to 115 PSI. In addition to energy cost reduction, you will provide better air quality to your plant which will allow your equipment to run more reliably and efficiently.

For a review of your air system piping, contact us. We provide air system solutions that save your company money and increase efficiency and dependability.
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