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Let Me Introduce You to SAM – He Can Be Hired for $4 an Hour

March 18, 2020

Sam is a smart box that can effectively control and maintain your air system automatically with complete remote access. SAM = Sigma Air Manager. It will cost you less than $4 per hour and usually will pay for itself in less than 24 months.

Today with everything else going on in the plant, the compressed air system often gets attention only when something goes wrong or there is not enough pressure in one of the production areas.

What many customers have asked for over the years is someone that knows exactly what’s going on in their air system and could take appropriate action. What if we could get this done for less than $5 an hour over the course of the year.

What do you get for this price?

The SAM system has the ability to do almost everything that currently should be done on a regular basis as follows:

  1. Reduce Energy Cost by 10 to 50% making sure that all the compressors are properly loaded – not running unloaded or partially loaded
  2. Maintains your system by reminding you of when what maintenance needs to be done and can even send a reminder email – potentially reducing service costs by 30%
  3. Reduce Downtime by sending information on compressors/dryers/drain traps that are not operating correctly needing immediate attention or require maintenance for this issue
  4. Control The Pressure to the optimal lowest level in your system for energy conservation using adaptive logic technology – every 5 PSI reduction saves 2 ½% KW energy
  5. Energy Audit function records KW and flow to assist in managing leaks and in proper air consumption – continuous reporting – shows energy saved on a weekly or monthly basis
  6. Remote Monitoring for all of the items above with ability to make react to any issues and make adjustments

SAM measures the key performance indicators above – flow/CFM/pressure/KW and reports to you what your real cost of compressed air. It does this day in and day out for less than $4 a day

Here is a little bit of information on what it looks like and how it works using the Internet of Things

SAM 4.0 – Future Proof Industry 4.0, or the Internet of Things:

Does it make any sense for your operation? The first step is to have a conversation about your system and concerns with our engineering team.

After discussion, the next step would be for one of the ACW engineers will bring a SAM unit to your facility for review and potentially install it for a week of monitoring.

How much will a $4 an hour “employee” save you any year in operating costs and downtime? You might be surprised.

Give the ACW Team a call at 800-345-4364 or email at to get more information and see if it makes sense for your system.

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