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Prepare Your Air Compressor for Summer Heat and Humidity

May 08, 2023
hot air compressor steaming on the beach to emphasize importance of preparing your air compressor for summer heat and humidity

In South Florida, we have two temperatures – hot and hotter! That’s why it’s extremely important for your system to be well-prepared once those “hotter” temperatures are here. What are the best ways to prepare your air compressor for summer heat and humidity?

Don’t forget that higher heat means that the levels of condensation (moisture) in your compressed air system will likely increase, which can disrupt the performance of your system. The goal is to have the cleanest and driest air possible!

Maintain a High-Quality Air Dryer

Warmer air brought by the summer heat can hold more water vapor, so it’s no surprise that the extra dosage of humidity can take a toll on your system. For this reason, it’s extremely important to have a reliable air dryer to adsorb all of that extra water.

Check Drains

Similarly, higher humidity during the summer months causes higher levels of condensate to come out of drains, meaning your drains will be working harder than usual. If your drains begin to fail and water starts to accumulate elsewhere in your system, it can drastically affect its productivity and even lead to the machine shutting down.

Further, you should regularly examine your drains to clear out any blockages or debris.

Drains that work properly can easily remove most (if not all) water from compressed air, ensuring you have the driest air possible to work with.

Check Coolers

Given summer’s high temperatures, it’s important to make sure that your air system is maintaining a stable temperature – even on the hottest of days. Keeping your coolers clean and regularly checking for any blockages ensures that the compressor’s temperature will be well-regulated. Plus, this helps to keep dryers more effective and extends the fluid life inside your system!

For systems that are regularly exposed to debris, dirt, or dust, you should be cleaning your coolers more frequently.


Clean Air and Oil Filters

By this point, you’ve probably caught on to the importance of keeping all aspects of your system clean. The same applies to your air and oil filters!

With clean filters, your system will use less energy and run cooler. Otherwise, you can expect pressure drops, meaning your compressor will need to work harder to make up the loss. This can lead to higher temperatures and unnecessary energy costs.

To be on the safe side, we suggest frequently checking your filters, especially throughout the summer months.


Check Ventilation

Proper ventilation is one of the biggest keys to best prepare your air compressor for summer heat and humidity. For reasons similar to keeping your air and oil filters clean, you should make sure that the ventilation for your system has no blockages and that there is sufficient air flow. Dust is likely to be the culprit of any blockages, so be sure to frequently check the air vent and HVAC system.

If your system has an inlet vent, make sure it’s big enough to provide cooler air to the compressor. However, be sure that it’s not sucking in any warm arm from the exhaust ducts!


Watch for Air Leaks

Air leaks are already difficult to manage without regular maintenance, but summer heat can cause them to be more frequent. If you have to start increasing system capacity due to low pressure, there’s probably a leak somewhere on the line. We’d suggest immediate service for your system!


Are you ready to prepare your air compressor for Florida’s summer heat and humidity?

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