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Want to get a better idea of how air systems work? How we help our clients stay up and running? Take a look at some of our case studies for an in-depth look at our process. These situations can look a lot like yours, and you may not even know it!

Combined Services, Inc

Over two years ago an ACW sales engineer Jennifer Viloria made a call on Combined Services in Opa Locka Florida to see how she might be able to assist.

Coincidentally they were looking to improve their air system as the existing compressors were not reliable. Compressed air is critical for their business which has to operate 24/7 as a commercial laundry service for hospitals.

The first step was to see what the real air usage was during the 168-hour week as well as determining actual power cost to operate the compressors. The Kaeser ADA audit system was installed and came up with the following data.
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Med-Craft, Inc

Med -Craft had been operating a Kaeser DSD 150 for over 20 years but their repair services business was growing.

They wanted to provide a new testing facility designed design for the Boeing 777 engine testing which required 217 psi. As a result of a referral the president of Summit Aerospace in Medley Florida , Med-Craft invited Air Compressor Works to assist with the new system design and installation.
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Summit Aerospace

In early 2018 Summit Aerospace laid out a multiyear plan to consolidate three facilities into one large efficient location. The real question was how to consolidate all the utility requirements including compressed air.

The first requirement was to inventory the compressor system equipment and more importantly the air usage in all three facilities. This was done using the Kaeser ADA auditing system which records KW and flow. The next part was to determine what new equipment would be added to increase production at the new facility. An excel spreadsheet showing CFM requirements and % of usage of each machine for phases 1 & 2 was accumulated by the customer.
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