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Why Your Business Should Use an Air Compressor

November 09, 2022
Service Technician inspecting Kaeser Rotary Screw Compressor

Depending on your business’s needs, industrial air compressors can drastically transform the way you conduct business, by improving efficiency and ultimately leading to an improved bottom line. 

If you work in any of these industries, we strongly encourage your business to implement a compressed air system to improve your business operations:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Air purification industry
  • Railroad industry
  • Automotive industry

Reason #1 | Energy Efficient & Lower Costs

Despite air tools often being more powerful than their electric counterparts, they utilize far less electricity. Therefore, you can expect your energy bills to be much lower when implementing compressed air systems. Even more, they can be effectively controlled and optimized to further reduce energy costs, depending on your specific needs. 

Reason #2 | Safety

Air compressors are known for being safer than other machinery. 

For example, electrical equipment runs the risk of electrocuting or shocking staff, whereas the primary energy source for air compressors is air, which is essentially harmless. This makes compressed air systems extremely safe in facilities that store combustive gas or contain damp environments. Additionally, this allows air compressors to work in areas where other forms of energy are prohibited due to fire or explosion hazards. 

Reason #3 | Low Maintenance

Because air compressors have minimal inputs and outputs, as well as less moving parts than electric-powered systems, there is less room for problems. For instance, rotary screw compressors can have up to 70% less parts, which drastically reduces maintenance costs.

Still, always remember that it is important to regularly maintain your system and keep it in good health

Reason #4 | Quiet Operation

Despite the large volume of air that passes through these systems, most rotary screw compressors can maintain a volume similar to that of a kitchen appliance. Even better, you’d most likely be able to speak with and listen to others when in the same room as a compressor! This is because a lot of these compressors have some form of noise technology built in. For a complete ranking of compressor noise levels, check out this resource.

Reason #5 | Clean Energy

Compressed air systems have rather clean energy inputs and outputs, especially since it never reacts with other chemical substances. Since air is at the center of these systems, it is highly “protected” to ensure that it enters and exits the system cleanly

Oil is also extremely important to air compressors. Oil filters and oil separators help to eliminate any unwanted debris; essentially, they purify oil to ensure all inputs and outputs remain clean.

Inevitably, there is some waste that your compressor will generate, so make sure to follow government guidelines to ensure it is dealt with appropriately.


If your business is interested in improving its efficiency, air compressors can be a great tool to implement. Learn more about our Installation services and programs to get started on your new air compressor system!

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